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Outwork your mind for better body results


JASON’S TRAINING METHOD Strength training and functional HIIT at Roark Gyms

GOALS To get back into shape. I wanted to lower my body fat, build strength and get fit.

OBSTACLES The lure of unscheduled drinks and eating out with friends far too often. I love beer on the weekend and wine with dinner, but I consciously cut down but didn’t cut it out completely. I didn’t count kilojoules, but in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the balance sheet.

COACH’S NOTES (James White) “The physical challenge: Jason’s upper body lacked strength. He’s always had excellent squat form, but his chest and shoulder strength needed to improve, and through a lot of hard work, they have. Mentally, like all of us, he battled to push into that really uncomfortable place, especially where breathing is involved. It’s hard to put yourself into a deep hole, especially for someone like Jason who gives a lot of thought to everything he does – sometimes you just need to let go. He considers the reasons for everything we do in the program, which is incredibly refreshing as a coach .He genuinely tried to learn something each day, about this own mind, body or a new movement.”

RESULTS I know we often say it on the cover, but I literally saw results in weeks! Most noticeably, I lost weight around the middle and had to pull in my belt a notch or two. But on a more meaningful level, I got stronger and was able to complete the workouts and feel good afterwards, rather than being too exhausted to move. At work, I also felt less frantic and more focused; taking control of my body gave me an indescribable feeling of control in other aspects of my life. It really has a knock-on affect.

I’m fortunate that my body responds well to this kind of training, so it was reassuring to see physical changes, but I’ve also grown mentally. The training hasn’t got any easier and I still suffer through the workouts, but now it comes with a strange satisfaction.


1. Have a goal, find the right trainer, stick to it. Selecting the right trainer is probably the most vital decision. James quickly identified my weaknesses and would often check in on those challenges and my progress. Also, instilling the value of perfect form and a tough work ethic helped me realise my goals quickly. Encouragement and positive reinforcement are a big part of Roark Gym’s value system.

2 . Your body will last longer than your mind. It took a few big physical challenges to realise this, but I realised I could push my body further and control the panic, which so often stopped me before. The training slowly gives you the confidence to take on more. If you’re not raising your heart rate, don’t expect results.

3 . Team up with a better athlete. Each time I trained with someone better, fitter and stronger, I felt myself pushing harder and improving


Height: 179cm
Weight: 87.7 to 85.3kg
Body Fat: 20.6 to 18.7%


1RM Bench Press: 60 to 90kg

Wide-Arm Pull-Ups: 2 to 9

Push-Ups: 21 to 44 in 60 seconds

Fitness Score: Increased by 30%(45 to 75%)


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