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How To Determine The Perfect Sciatica Exercise Routine For You

Sciatica Nerve Pain
Sciatica Nerve Pain

What Is Sciatica?

In plain terms, sciatica refers to the pain that is caused by the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. It is also called radiculopathy.

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the human body. It extends from the lower back, down the legs, and ends at the foot. This explains why the pain associated with sciatica (sciatic pain)is localized to the leg region.

In addition, because sciatic pain is as a result of compression or irritation of a nerve, the pain often feels like ‘electric shocks’ that pervade throughout the leg region of the body.

Sciatica and Exercise: The Simple Connection

The common symptom of sciatica is pain. This pain may be mild, moderate, or chronic/severe depending on a range of factors. However, because the pain is discomforting, you may not feel enthusiastic to carry out any exercise.

According to medical research, this is not a good position to take. Time and again, exercise has been shown to be a valid way to relieve sciatic pain and even resolve sciatica.

The reason is twofold.

  • Exercise helps prevent the weakening and deconditioning of back muscles and spinal structures that can lead to back injury and strain. Unchecked, the deconditioning and weakening will cause additional pain.
  • Movement that occurs during exercise helps exchange fluids and nutrients within spinal discs. This keeps the discs healthy and prevents compression of the sciatic nerve.

Why You Need Sciatica Exercises ?

Therefore, a guided sciatica exercise routine that uses a combination of mobility and strengthening exercises will help maintain the strength of related muscles to limit pain. In addition, sciatic exercises will reduce compression of the sciatic nerve and drastically reduce the pain you feel.

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Why The Underlying Cause Of Your Sciatica Matters?

With this knowledge, you may feel that all you have to do is find whatever exercise fancies you and go with it. This is another dangerous move.

At best, it would not lead to any changes in the level of pain you experience. At worse, it will actually increase your pain and prolong recovery time.


For starters, the causes of sciatica vary. Yours may be caused by a spinal infection, enlarged ligaments, a herniated disc in your spine, or a repetitive injury. The list is much longer in reality.

Thus, if you choose a random exercise, it is very likely that it will be counterproductive because it may complicate issues. To put it simply, not all exercise works for all causes of sciatica.

Some types of exercise are bad news depending on the cause of your sciatica. Therefore, an exercise regime that might work for your friend who has sciatica or a random folk on the Internet may actually be a bad exercise for you.

Going further, even if an exercise is compatible with the cause of your sciatica, it is also very important to know the exact procedures and measures to take for the exercise to be effective.

In summary, a thorough knowledge of the underlying cause of your sciatica is vital to finding the perfect exercise routine to alleviate your sciatica. Furthermore, you should endeavor to know the recommended way to carry out an exercise before using it to treat your sciatica.

How To Choose An Effective Sciatica Exercise Routine

Granted, you now know why you need sciatica exercises. You also know why you should be picky.

However, a valid question remains: How do you figure out/identify a sciatica exercise program that will work for you in the long-term with major improvements?

We have itemized a list of 5 MUSTS that a sciatica exercise routine must have if it truly is effective.

  • MUST be specifically designed for the underlying cause of your sciatica
  • MUST reduce stress on the lower back region of your body
  • MUST prevent muscle weakness without making your condition worse in any way
  • MUST follow an easy-to-comprehend methodology that guarantees buildup of strength and reduction of sciatic pain
  • MUST have a comprehensive guide on how to perform each exercise in the program/routine correctly

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A sciatic exercise program without any of these components is a waste of time. It will likely aggravate your sciatica, have no effect at all, or make you experience only short-term relief.

Rather than rummage through the Internet sourcing for exercises that may or may not be ideal for your cause of sciatica, you should take advantage of this comprehensive Sciatica treatment resource.

The resource contains all the requisite information about sciatica in an easy-to-understand format. More importantly, it contains a fully detailed guide with plenty of exercise types that is ideal for any known cause of sciatica. Furthermore, each exercise type is clearly described in simple language and with pictorial descriptions where applicable.

Therefore, with this complete sciatica treatment plan, you can easily create your own safe exercise routine using the available selection and eliminate your sciatica pain in just seven days. Click here to get started today!

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